Friday, November 27, 2009

XXXX Black Friday XXXX

This is exactly the way how i pictured everything was gonna turn out..and it happened the exact same way.. Thanksgiving would be greatt!!! and ohh yes it was the BOMB.. and then the next day..
"Black Friday" .. i was gonna be sitting home doing NOTHING.. BORED..and mad as hell because im not going SHOPPING!!but heyyy it happens every year.. soo why didnt i just prepare myself for this year? badd idea right? talk about upset.. the worst thing is that im a SHOPAHOLIC.. soo can you imagine the sales.. shoes.. clothing.. and accessories that im missing out on for LESS??
this will soo be the last year this is gonna happen..
working for your own money is just one of the best things huh?? YUP!
i think i've explained myself quite well.

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