Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just a lil sum sum..

soo.. today im extra tired than other days.. this year my schedule is packed.. crammed.. stuffed! lol any word you can think of that deals with alot.. you can use it..on tuesdays my day is EXTRA crammed because i have school.. cheerleading then dance..I need to be at dance in about an hour and i dont want to go but i have no choice i'll probably miss next week..lol my body feels so tired..and i wish i could lay down,rest and wake up in 3 hours or soo..talk about.. IN MY DREAMS..besides the sleepy eyes im glad because between dance.. cheer leading.. yearbook committee and even moree dance i am able to control myself, my grades.. and my social life all together..

Monday, October 19, 2009

blah blah..

sittin here in this computer room with a few of my classmates at school.. the teacher is absent so you can imagine the behavior..noise and attitudes given to the sub.. no one comes to Russian there's like 6 kids in here and the rest are either roaming the halls, on franklin..or on their way home.. smh well for me..i go everyday i need that 95 :]

"Never be mediocre.. without principle there is no success"
Keino Baird

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today I start my polyvore post!

soo i started polyvore almost 3 months ago.. and i love it.. I haven't been on that much lately but i plan on stepping my game back up NOW! by the way this blog would have like 50% polyvore outfits! soo get ready! anyways today i created a new outfit that i named MARC for the fall and i love it!! Most of what the outfit is made up is by Marc Jacobs for all the MARC lovers. The boots that i used are by Steve Madden called CACE and i adore them..they come in both black and cognac but i love the cognac soo much better! its soo on my wish list:]

Marc for the fall.