Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love you Atmos G-shock! i really do! ♥♥♥

Who said a girly girl can't ROCK a G-SHOCK?

well.. i would sure wear this one!!! I came upon a blog today that i was reading and i saw this and just had to post it. Not only does it have PINK but it has polka dots on top of that.. call that HELLA CUTE! yes i would soo wear this throw on some converses, a graphic tee and cardigan and your set baby! SET! By the way quick story i know i had a baby G when i was smaller i can remember.. but I had a little debate about it in class with one of my friends and she told me that G-SHOCKS were never out in the 90's ..well blog readers i went hard.. because i knew for a fact that G-SHOCKS were out for a long time and I remembered clear that i owned one.. cant remember the color but i had one and i know it was brought by my dad because he spoiled me rotten as a lil kidd..pshh its only now everyone wants to wear them to follow the trend.. but who cares the colors are amazing..and they POP with any outfit!

but at the end of the day.. i was correct and she was wrong :] .. just wanted to share.

just realized how much i love to free write♥

WOW! I just cant believe im locked out. Im not talking about the im locked out but i have a phone to call mom and tell her.. but the locked out where your phone died this morning because it wont charge and you have no way of contacting anyone LOCKED OUT. On top of that its cold out. I have a sweater but its not good enough for this 60 degree weather that hits usually at the end of summer, You know that cold chill that goes right through the tiny holes of your H&M cardigan?? YUP! thats the feeling. Its Wednesday September 16th the 6th day of my senior year in high school. Im telling you its just great. Im lovin it. Everyone seems to get along, classes are filled with laughter and FUN and I'm liking every bit of it. I just hope this is how it would be until June. Anyways Im suppose to start African dance classes today and its at 5:30. At this point im soo missin it because at the rate at which this lock out is going aint nobody coming home now. smh. Sitting on the steps in the front of the house is not for almost fall weather. I continuously look at the street just hoping a car would slow down and drop off my mom. I just wanna go inside damnit! Luckything I have no homework so with that part im good money but arggg! LOCKED OUT!!! and talk about stomach growling you could just imagine how i feel right now.. All im thinking about is dance...

lol looky looky who's coming down the street.. my cousin YES! the back door keys into my house.. im outiee!!!
this was written on September 16th, 2009 as i waited for someone to come home after being locked out the house and i decided to copy it out of my notebook and type it as a blogg.. :]



a blog? never thought i was a good enough writer to have one .. well i must say that i was never that confident in my writing but now i realized how much i love to free write about well i can write..and you don't need to be a GREAT writer to own a blog.. i love reading blogs.. mostly fashion blogs.. they inspire and excite me and i am always looking to find out whats new in style.. and how other people's creativity can change it around..a lil about me tho.. i am 17 years old.. and i have DREAMS..BIG DREAMS .I ♥ everything that deals with the FASHION world.. and I know that one day i would be in it..I would've said hope..but that word doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I dont think telling you more about me would help you to understand the real me.. so if you read my blog and see what goes on you'll probably get to know the person i am.. any way lets see how this goes..