Saturday, September 19, 2009

just realized how much i love to free write♥

WOW! I just cant believe im locked out. Im not talking about the im locked out but i have a phone to call mom and tell her.. but the locked out where your phone died this morning because it wont charge and you have no way of contacting anyone LOCKED OUT. On top of that its cold out. I have a sweater but its not good enough for this 60 degree weather that hits usually at the end of summer, You know that cold chill that goes right through the tiny holes of your H&M cardigan?? YUP! thats the feeling. Its Wednesday September 16th the 6th day of my senior year in high school. Im telling you its just great. Im lovin it. Everyone seems to get along, classes are filled with laughter and FUN and I'm liking every bit of it. I just hope this is how it would be until June. Anyways Im suppose to start African dance classes today and its at 5:30. At this point im soo missin it because at the rate at which this lock out is going aint nobody coming home now. smh. Sitting on the steps in the front of the house is not for almost fall weather. I continuously look at the street just hoping a car would slow down and drop off my mom. I just wanna go inside damnit! Luckything I have no homework so with that part im good money but arggg! LOCKED OUT!!! and talk about stomach growling you could just imagine how i feel right now.. All im thinking about is dance...

lol looky looky who's coming down the street.. my cousin YES! the back door keys into my house.. im outiee!!!
this was written on September 16th, 2009 as i waited for someone to come home after being locked out the house and i decided to copy it out of my notebook and type it as a blogg.. :]


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