Saturday, September 19, 2009


a blog? never thought i was a good enough writer to have one .. well i must say that i was never that confident in my writing but now i realized how much i love to free write about well i can write..and you don't need to be a GREAT writer to own a blog.. i love reading blogs.. mostly fashion blogs.. they inspire and excite me and i am always looking to find out whats new in style.. and how other people's creativity can change it around..a lil about me tho.. i am 17 years old.. and i have DREAMS..BIG DREAMS .I ♥ everything that deals with the FASHION world.. and I know that one day i would be in it..I would've said hope..but that word doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I dont think telling you more about me would help you to understand the real me.. so if you read my blog and see what goes on you'll probably get to know the person i am.. any way lets see how this goes..


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