Friday, November 13, 2009

Blehh Much?

Feeling rather not in the mood right about now.. my day went.. well i must say it was okay.. Today was celebrity day at my school.. and yes I refused to not come as Rhianna although I didn't get to pull off the outfit that i wanted to in my last post since it didn't come, but when did it come??? TODAY!! that's just even WORSER(not a word but I'll still say it) than it saying that it was going to come on the 14th which is tomorrow just the worst...when today was the theme day at my school. (total run on sentence).
When i walked up the steps to the mailbox at my front door and saw the mail plus a white F21 package I couldn't even get mad.. i just thought in my head.. why.. why?? But anyway I tried another look and people said i pulled it off.. but.. i still wasn't too confident. I must say it was nice and all but I guess since I made it from home and I had the mind set of another outfit being mocked my attitude just changed up. For some reason I just wasn't feeling it today.. the whole theme day thing.. I'm thinking that its because of the outfit..but then again i don't think so!
But you know.. i do have about 7 hours left until this day is over so why not make the best of it and have a little fun! :]

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