Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh NO!

Soo.. Friday is celebrity look alike day at my school.. and I planned on doing Rihanna. My outfit wasn't gonna be an outfit that she wore in a video or at an award show but i was going to do a mimic of a candid photo from 2008. The outfit was HOT and since i am rocking the same hairstyle that she had at the time..(the mushroom/bob) i figured I would pull it offf niceee. I ordered the outfit from F21 last Wednesday hoping it was gonna come today or tomorrow..because usually every time i order from there my stuff would come like in 4 to 5 days... When i got home from dance I didn't see my stuff.. so i got on the computer and tracked down my order.. you really want to know the day this thing is suppose to reach my door?? the 14th!!!!!

what am i gonna do??? i think i just might cancel for celebrity look alike!

can someone say PISSED OFFFFF!

1 comment:

  1. awwww poor bestie cant you find somethinq in your closet or qo to forever 21 and see if you could qet somethinq else. .but on a qood note i know who im qunna be.