Thursday, June 24, 2010

New iPhone 4

Today is the BIG day. Apple fans run wild for this HOT new product.. long lines.. and hours of waiting..for them to buy their new iPhone4. Apple never cease to amaze me. Not even a 2 month old iPad and now the birth of this?? I got my blackberry not too long ago and I'm ready to trade it in. The only thing is I definitely wouldn't get this product now. Waiting about 2 months or so would be smart because we all know apple! There might be a recall along the line since its new.. but who knows it just might have none at all.... but i think i'll stick with my blackberry 9700 for a while..after-all it is a really great phone and i'm pretty satisfied.. Some Wild Features on the iPhone4 Include High Definition video and Video Calling..WHAT? Tell me that this is not a FREAKING must have!!! Definitely havin this baby in my hands by the end of this year!!

Visit Apple for more information on this new product.

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