Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stained BLUE

I love that I am so creative with my hands.. and this summer was getting pretty boring so i decided to work on a mini project and bleach another pair of my jeans.. I tried it before and everyone loved it.. some people asked.. where did i buy it??.. or some said its so cute soo i figured why not do another ..the first pair was light gray.. and of course i used some diluted clorox to bleach them.. they came out really nice and everyone was shocked every time i would say that i did it.. So this one that i did was black.. i didn't think it was going to work because i really didn't see the difference during the process but after they dried.. i really loved them! It turned out to be like a bluish black color .. On Sunday my friends and I made a date and went out for lunch so i wore them.. before we ate we stopped at a park and took a few pics.

Jeans- F21 (bleached by me)
Graphic Tee -F21
Jeans Jacket- Gap
Grey Oxfords - Century 21
Bag- H&M

Hope your inspired and Enjoy :)