Saturday, August 28, 2010


I really enjoyed my day and to top it off my favorite movie Love and Basketball is on ..on ABC. Its like caramel syrup on top of vanilla ice cream.. great way to end the night :).Anyway who doesn't like this movie? So many people like it t hat i think that its becoming a tad bit cliched.. but hey I think I'm this movies biggest FAN! since it c ame out in 2000 I was in love yea yea i was only around 8 and didn't know too much .. and not even interested in love..but it was sweet.. now 10 years later not only is it sweet and cute.. but its so tou ching..We all know they grew up together..and their passion for basketball..and blah blah.. but two people in love never wanting to let go.. but your just drifted apart.. not because the love isn't there anymore but because teenage life brings a whole LOT! Family problems or whatever other problems that might come along the way. Meeting again years after and tryna "front" like the love is gone but knowing deep down that its still so STRONG (on Quincy's part) with only that one person there to really fight for it..and prove that its true and the relationship HAS to work (on Monica's Part). Its just a movie but when you know its real.. its REAL. It might take years but if its in your heart. Let it Be <3