Saturday, August 28, 2010


Of course I had to tell you guys about my first day of college! Being nervous about it being hard to understand just because its "COLLEGE" and not high school anymore wasn't necessary!  I know it will get more difficult as time goes by but so far its been really cool.. I really like my new school.. i would say love but let me go there for about a week or so more and i'll keep you guys posted.... on if i still feel the same lol. So far i had Bio and Psych and i think they will be the most challenging out of the four courses that i will be taking this semester.. Math and English are included as well.. oh yeah Bio Lab.. but those im used to...the professors are cool too..  so i should be great! I feel like thinking positive will just put me in the mind set that would drive me to do my best... being negative will be a NO NO.. Anyway just wanted to keep you guys posted..


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