Friday, June 10, 2011

Color Blocking My Way!

I wore this outfit last Friday at my friends Birthday Party. It was a double birthday and I had so much Fun. This outfit was put together last minute but i loved it soo much. I knew the shorts were definitely part of it but for the rest it was a last minute put together. Its funny because i couldnt find a top to wear out of my own closet so i had to raid my aunty's drawers in search for something that would go well and I found this coral peachy top. I have this attitude now a days wearing my family's clothing ... well tops because the bottoms wont fit but they really come together with some of the looks I try.The belt came with the pants and my pumps.. well my FAVORITE pumps finished it off great. I took a look in the mirror after i was ready and i said to myself DAMN! look at great last minute Color Block! The only thing i didnt really love so much was the clutch.. I felt like the black threw it off. But what do you guys think??Hope you guys are Inspired.

Shorts- F21
Top- H&M Aunts Closet
Shoes- Steve Madden Carrysa Pumps
Clutch- Not too Sure

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