Friday, February 25, 2011


Yup! the title said it.. I'm coming back.. after a year and a ok ok TOTAL exaggeration but yes i've been away since October and i've made a BIG decision.. honestly i was gonna dump this blog..yea delete it ..forget about get the ideaa..i was just gonna use my tumblr.. BUT one day i decided to go through it and i was amazed.. I may not be the best writer and there is always room for improvement but i was really proud of myself ...and again on my tumblr i just post stuff i like..on here you'll actually get to see me in outfits..get style inspiration..and soo much more ..I wont be back today week or for the next month..but i just need a little whilee to get a few things settled.. if im coming back..better ideas..i might even change the name or not to A Walk in my PUMPS :/ idk..maybee..what do yah think?? It'll have to be BIGGER and better than before sooo just gimme a month and somee i promise you wont regret the wait. :)for the mean time you can check out my tumblr and follow me :)


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